Here’s how real estate agents can begin working with investors.

How do real estate agents work with investors? We’ve been working closely with investors at the Barnhill Team for years, so today we want to go over the basics. What does MAO stand for? How do you build rapport with investors? We’ll talk about this and more in today’s video. 

You can watch our full video above, or you can skip around to different topics using the timestamps provided below for your convenience:

0:00 — Introduction

0:24 — Rehabs, MAO, and ARVs

2:16 — How to calculate repairs

4:10 — Things to consider about rehab properties

5:10 — What is the 1% rule?

7:34 — Other factors to consider with rentals

8:20 — Where are your investors?

9:10 — Building rapport

11:33 — Bigger Pockets is a great resource

12:48 — How do you get paid?

14:33 — Wrapping up

If you have questions about today’s topic or anything else, please reach out to us via phone or email. We are always willing to help.

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