The steps to help you transition from your nine-to-five into real estate.

If you’re thinking about getting your real estate license, when’s the right time to quit your job and start the transition? Today I’ll give you a picture of what this process should look like:

Step No. 1: Getting Started. To get your license, your local area should have courses available, or you can find them online. There are many ways that you could do it in your off time to get over the first hump.

To succeed in real estate, you’ll need to be good at knowing what your numbers look like. In any business, especially sales, there are activities you’ll need to do to generate a specific output—how many open houses you’ll need to attend, how many phone calls you’ll need to take, etc. To keep track of all this, you’ll need to form a solid business plan. If you need help with your business plan, schedule a call with me at

Step No. 2: The Fold. Once you’re performing the actions it takes to make money and have your business plan down, you can start backing out of your other job. There are two different ways this can be done. You can work with your employer to reduce your hours, which can also entail taking over a different position. Either way, this can be a nice segue into your real estate job.

You could also quit your job for another more flexible job. This second job might pay less, but who cares? You’re trying to follow your dreams of working in real estate.

“Once you’re doing what it takes to make money and have your business plan down, you can start backing out of your other job.”

Step No. 3: When to Release. When you start getting good at your business, have developed a working system to help track your numbers, and you’re making the kind of money you were hoping to, you’ll be able to interpret when it’s safe for you to release yourself from your other job and commit to real estate full time.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send an email. I’d love to help you make the transition into your real estate career.

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